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A bespoke low profile tenkeyless custom mechanical keyboard kit designed by bisoromi.
Status Pre-orders are now open.
From $16.00 SGD

KFE CE Addons

Addons for KFE CE pre-order sale. 
From $18.00 SGD

Krytox GPL 205 Grade 0

205g0 manufactured by Miller Stephenson, sold in collaboration with Hunger Works Studio. This mechanical keyboard lube is suitable for linear switches and stabilisers.
3204 manufactured by Miller Stephenson. This mechanical keyboard lube is suitable for all switches and stabilisers.
From $30.00 SGD

H87A / H88 PCB

h87 and h88 PCBs (USB Mini B) for compatible tenkeyless keyboard kits by hineybush. Limited in stock.
Linear switches with 67g gold plated springs, designed by wuquestudio. Limited in stock.
Tactile switches by Everglide.
$28.00 SGD

Keebpixel Deskmat

Stitched-edge deskmats designed by keebpixel.
$65.00 SGD

TX Bag

Protection for your beloved boards. Limited in stock.
From $61.00 SGD

Pinoko Switches

Smooth linear switches made with 65g springs, the perfect combination for your mechanical keyboard.
Designed by Okonomiyaki.
From $61.00 SGD

Okomochi Switches

  • Tactile switches made with 67g springs, some say more tactile than a Holy Panda.
  • Designed by Okonomiyaki.
$30.00 SGD

Okomochi Deskmats

Stitched-edge deskmats designed by Shirogane.
This item is in stock.
From $47.00 SGD

GMK Gregory

Designed to match the Gregory deskmat that we're not selling anyway.
From $12.00 SGD

GMK Stealth

Stealth is the new black.
A companion for your Alice keyboard.
Status Order placed with manufacturer, in production.
From $28.00 SGD

GMK Awaken

Designed by biip, inspired by cyberpunk genre.
From $35.00 SGD

GMK Iconographic

Inspired by the album cover for Floral Shoppe and the iconography of ancient times that are a cornerstone of vaporwave aesthetics.
$28.00 SGD

Founders Deskmats

Cheers to entrepreneurship.

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