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Pinoko Switches

Smooth linear switches made with 65g springs, the perfect combination for your mechanical keyboard.
Designed by Okonomiyaki.
From $61.00 SGD

Okomochi Switches

  • Tactile switches made with 67g springs, some say more tactile than a Holy Panda.
  • Designed by Okonomiyaki.
$30.00 SGD

Okomochi Deskmats

Stitched-edge deskmats designed by Shirogane.
Group buy closes on 15 Aug 2020 (GMT+8). 
From $18.00 SGD

Krytox GPL 205 Grade 0

205g0 manufactured by Miller Stephenson, sold in collaboration with Hunger Works Studio. This mechanical keyboard lube is suitable for linear switches and stabilizers.
From $35.00 SGD

GMK Dolch R5 & OG Spacekeys

A timeless classic. This revision of GMK Dolch includes classic Cherry icon-text modifiers and an...
$30.00 SGD

WCK Deskmat

If there's one thing that unites us all, it's a mutual love of food. And after all, food is the ...

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