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From $12.00 SGD

Kei Plates and PCBs

h60c PCBs and Plates for Kei.
Status In stock.
From $12.00 SGD

KFE CE Accessories

h88c PCBs and accessories for KFE CE.
Status In stock.
$10.00 SGD

Pinoko Switches

Smooth linear switches made with 65g springs, the perfect combination for your mechanical keyboard.
Status In stock.
$10.00 SGD

Okomochi Switches

Tactile switches made with 67g springs, some say more tactile than a Holy Panda.
Status In stock.
From $18.00 SGD

Krytox GPL 205 Grade 0

205g0 manufactured by Miller Stephenson, sold in collaboration with Hunger Works Studio. This mechanical keyboard lube is suitable for linear switches and stabilisers.
Status In stock.
From $18.00 SGD

Tribosys 3204 Grade 0

3204 manufactured by Miller Stephenson. This mechanical keyboard lube is suitable for all switches and stabilisers.
Status In stock.
Linear switches with 67g gold plated springs, designed by wuquestudio. 
Status In stock.
PCB mount, screw in stabilisers to match your OA switches, designed by wuquestudio.
Status In stock.
$25.00 SGD $20.00 SGD

Durock Stabilisers (v1)

Clear stabiliser set with gold plated wires by Durock.
From $11.50 SGD

Nightwalker Collection

From the minds of ULLIAM (Cyberspace, Blacklight) and Protozoa Studio comes the NIGHTWALKER COLLECTION. 
Status In stock.
$30.00 SGD

Okomochi Deskmats

Stitched-edge deskmats designed by Shirogane.
Status In stock.
$28.00 SGD

Keeb Pixel Deskmat

Stitched-edge deskmats designed by keebpixel.
Status Limited blue in stock, groupbuy after that; mixed and green is preorder only.
Sick of constant deskmat designs and groupbuys? Express your rage against the torrent of more deskmats buy [sic] consuming more!
Status In stock.
From $20.00 SGD

Celestial Deskmats

When the sun, moon and stars align.
Status Replacement dark deskmats are in production; b-stock (dark) deskmats are in stock.
$30.00 SGD


Designed by leendoodles.
Status GB orders have been shipped out; limited in stock.
Designed by NaniKore, these cute cat inspired deskmats show the mysterious nightlife of outdoor cats.
Status In stock.
$30.00 SGD

Deep Deskmat

Designed by catfromonomichi.
Status In stock.
From $675.00 SGD


Designed by Yuktsi, part of the MONOKEI x ともだち series.
Status Groupbuy runs from 28th May - 18th June 2021.
From $42.00 SGD

Tomo Addons

Addons for Tomo preorder sale.
From $60.00 SGD

Ex: Arkhe

Borne of the beginning.
From $17.00 SGD

ePBT Scandi

Scandinavian love.
From $28.00 SGD

GMK Analog Dreams

Aesthetic of vintage computers by PWade3.
From $13.00 SGD

ePBT Camo

Blending in.
From $26.00 SGD

ePBT Cool Kids R2

Be a cool kid.

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