November 20, 2020

Kei R2 - November 2020 Release

We're excited to announce the second round group buy of the Kei keyboard kit. Here are some details regarding this release, you can read more about the conceptualising process of the board through this link.

If you're new to group buys / pre-orders, do give this a read.

1. Pre-orders:

2. Production:

3. Price :

Standard (excludes shipping):

BE (excludes shipping):

4. Kit Details:

All kits include:

i. Variants:

We're happy to include more colour options this time.



ii. PCB:

Please note that supported layouts vary between solder and hotswap versions. For more details, refer to this link from hiney keyboards.

iii. Plates:

Plates can change the typing feel and acoustics of any keyboard. Some prefer half-plates for extra flex while others might go with the commonly included full plate. Here are some extra variants on offer:

5. Extras:

We've also included more extras these time around for your purchase regardless of variant chosen. These can be purchased separately.

Kei Caps:


Wrist Rests:

Stabiliser Kits:


6. Shipping:

Out Of Singapore (ROW):

Within Singapore:

7. Quality Expectations:

While we strive to provide a perfect experience, no kit can be 100% flawless at our scale of production, as such the caveats are as follows:

Please note that your purchase denotes agreement to group buy rules which include all the above.

With that in mind, some changes we're making for this round includes:

The monokei community is always happy to help out if you've any questions. Feel free to join us on Discord or email us via our support mail.