Elaine of SINGA has been a good friend of Kerri and I, especially in a scene where the lines between hobby and commerce are increasingly blurred. We've worked closely with her over the years (and Sam) to talk keyboard design, discuss nuggets of info about the latest developments and frequently share tips and ideas on how to better serve the community. Elaine's work through SINGA showcases a playful, yet subtle take on custom mechanical keyboards and she has frequently pushed against the envelope of keyboard design.

The box art features Elaine's obssessions - koi fishes and video games. In an alternate fantasy world these elements mingle gracefully in defiance of physics, but she'll settle for an imaginary interpretation for now.

The keyboard

The MONOKEI x SINGA Neko is a gasket mount 40-ish % keyboard in the HHKB layout. The cat motif is well known by now, with SINGA's, well, Singa75 and Jaguar a part of the growing keyboard / animal kingdom ruled by Elaine.

The MONOKEI x SINGA Neko is currently in production and is scheduled to be delivered to buyers in Q3 2022. Extra units and parts will be sold at a later date.



Typing Angle, Weight & Mounting Style

- Typing angle: 6 degrees
- Weight: Standard Kit (900g), SE Kit (500g)
- Mounting Style: Gasket mount
- Dimensions: 28 x 10 x 3cm
- Front height: 2cm

PCB & Layout

Firmware: PCB by Yiancar Designs.

USB-C with JST cable and daughterboard (extra PCBs will come with them as well). The PCB comes flashed with the requisite firmware.

Please use VIA to modify it.

Completing Your Kit

You will need to purchase the following items separately to complete the kit:
- MX switches
- PCB mount stabilisers
- MX compatible keycaps

Additional Parts

Your Neko Standard kit comes with:
- Solder / Hotswap PCB
- Top & Bottom (colour dependent on combination)
- Polycarbonate (frosted) full plate
- Brass (sandblasted) weights (bar and cat)
- Gaskets
- Hex screws
- Rubber feet

Your Neko SE kit comes with:
- Solder / Hotswap PCB
- Top & Bottom piece (Polycarbonate, Frosted White)
- Copper (sandblasted) full plate
- Copper (sandblasted) weights (bar and cat)
- Gaskets
- Hex screws
- Rubber feet

You may consider adding extra items separately.