MONOKEI x Thesiscamper


Thesiscamper, who is no stranger to the custom mechanical keyboard scene, was the first designer we worked with back in 2017 (Kira60, anyone?). I still remember sitting in a cafe with Thesis and a bunch of folks amazed at the signature side profile that would one day become a consistent motif throughout his designs. Thesis and I have worked closely on many other designs and renders and over time frequently talked keyboards over meals. It seemed fitting to mark the beginnings of MONOKEI x friends with the designer that worked with us in our first ever group buy.

The box art features Thesis' joys in life - family and cars. His obssession with cars and their design languages are expressed through his keyboard designs.

The keyboard

The Hidari is a 1800 Southpaw layout keyboard with a few tweaks. We've gone for a gasket strip mounting system to provide a soft but firm typing feeling. The numpad has been shifted left to better accommodate Thesis' preferred workflow.

The MONOKEI x Thesiscamper Hidari group buy has concluded with all units shipped from us. Extra parts and kits will be available through our store and our partners.


MONOKEI x Thesiscamper

Typing Angle, Weight & Mounting Style

- Typing angle: 5 degrees
- Weight: Brass Kit (1.9kg), Aluminium Kit (1.5kg)
- Mounting Style: Gasket mount (strips)
- Dimensions: 38.5x11.5x3 cm

PCB & Layout

Firmware: The PCB comes flashed with the requisite firmware. Please use VIA to modify it.

VIA: Link here

Completing Your Kit

You will need to purchase the following items separately to complete the kit:

- MX switches
- PCB mount stabilisers
- MX compatible keycaps

Additional Parts

Your Hidari kit comes with:

- Solder / Hotswap PCB
- Aluminium plate (colour dependent on combination)
- Brass or Aluminium cover
- 10 pcs of M3x5 countersunk hex screws
- 8 pcs of M3x8 sockethead hex screws
- Allen key
- Rubber feet