Jaguar v2

More information soon.

We've partnered with our friends, TGR and SINGAKBD to make high end mechanical keyboards more accessible for everyone. From rolling in stock drops to unlimited pre-orders, we're providing ample opportunities to own a design by both studios.

TGR and SINGAKBD are trendsetters in the custom mechanical keyboard scene, from creating the TGR Alice keyboard that would spawn the layout now known as the Alice and its derivatives, to the TGR x SINGAKBD Unikorn which brought tray mounts back into vogue.

Sam and Elaine have both produced scene changing work for years.

We've enjoyed working with both Sam and Elaine tremendously during our MONOKEI x ともだち series in 2021, and we look forward to bringing more amazing work from both of them to everyone.

The upcoming drops and pre-orders - some of them refreshed editions of extremely sought after grails, others a take on the future of high end mechanical keyboards - will be sold exclusively through MONOKEI.

Proudly designed in Singapore and Malaysia.