We've taken everything we know about mechanical keyboards so far and spent more than six hundred days working, prototyping, tweaking every detail to create a mechanical keyboard that combines the best of custom kits and our desire for an input device that's easy to use everyday.

This is the MONOKEI Standard, the keyboard for all of us.


4 gorgeous colours.

Classic White

Plain never looked better

Blush Pink

A dash of colour

Suave Blue

Keep it classy

Dream Lilac

Ubi or not ubi?

Quiet Does It

The Standard includes acoustic tweaks and switch options for all scenarios. Try a silent red configuration for the office, or choose browns for a tactile experience.

Sound comparisons

MX Reds

MX Browns

MX Silent Reds

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Rated C for Comfortable

The Standard is designed for long hours of typing. The polycarbonate plate supported by strips of gaskets cushions your typing while providing firm feedback.

Look Ma, No Wires

Go wireless or wired. The MONOKEI Standard connects wirelessly so you can switch quickly between all your devices. Use it on the go for up to 30 days.

Buy once, use forever

Switch it up anytime you want! The MONOKEI Standard comes with hotswap sockets so that you can switch out for a new switch, or swap for a new Series 1 keycap release.

The keyboard comes installed with Series 1 doubleshot PBT keycaps, meticulously designed for longevity and an amazing typing experience.

Classic White

Blush Pink

Suave Blue

Dream Lilac

Fully Customisable

Additional purchase may be required.

Sama sama, but different

The MONOKEI Standard is a continuation of mechanical keyboards we’ve been working on, starting with the Kei and Hiro and culminating with the MONOKEI Standard.

Good Things for everyone

Technical details


Injection Moulded ABS




Gasket Strips


Cherry PCB mount stabilisers

Additional tweaks

Plate foam, silencing foam

Typing angle

5 degree


Cherry MX Reds / Silent Reds / Browns (hotswappable)


Series 1 Black on White with accent and OS keys




Bluetooth BLE 5.1 / USB-C to C


30 days battery life [2] (1000mAh)


macOS / iOS / Windows / Android

No. of devices

Pairs with up to 4 devices


1 year limited warranty



What's included

These accessories come with every Standard keyboard.

USB-C Cable

Windows & macOS accent keys

Switch Puller

Keycap puller

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  1. Colours may vary slightly due to photographic lighting sources and / or your monitor settings.
  2. Battery testing conducted by MONOKEI in March 2022 using preproduction MONOKEI Standard keyboard with MX Brown switches, with usage between 7 to 8 hours per day connected to an Apple Macbook Pro 14 (2021) with 32GB RAM and 1TB SSD. Battery life varies by use and configuration.
  3. Hotswap socket testing conducted by MONOKEI in March 2022 using pre-production MONOKEI Standard keyboard with MX Brown switches, swapping for MX Silent Red switches.
  4. The MONOKEI Standard supports 3 and 5 pin Cherry MX style switches. Sockets may not be compatible with non Cherry MX manufactured switches.
  5. The MONOKEI Standard comes with a tenkeyless layout keycap set with 3 sets of accent keycaps (Enter & MONOKEI logo) and an additional set of 2 Windows keycaps.

    The accent keycaps (Enter & MONOKEI logo) included are:
    - 1pc Enter, 1pc MONOKEI logo keycap in Blush Pink
    - 1pc Enter, 1pc MONOKEI logo keycap in Dream Lilac
    - 1pc Enter, 1pc MONOKEI logo keycap in Suave Blue

    The Windows keycaps are:
    - 2pc of Black on White keycaps

    More information and images available at https://store.monokei.co/products/monokei-standard.