It's been an amazing 2021 at MONOKEI, with collaborations and designs made with our favourite keyboard friends. And at rare junctures, friends become collaborators become co-workers.  

The Hiro marks the formation of the MONOKEI design team based entirely in Singapore and Malaysia. We've decided to maintain the design language of MONOKEI while utilising the popular 65% layout with its arrow keys for better usability.

The box art features sections for each MONOKEI team member, with our children running around, cats doing cat things and a dream that we'll continue to produce good designs for everyone.

The keyboard

The Hiro is a gasket mount 65% keyboard kit utilising PORON® gasket strips. We've kept our favourite design elements of the Kei intact while tweaking the Hiro for easier assembly without sacrificing its distinct sound signature.

The Hiro is currently in production and is scheduled to be delivered to buyers in Q4 2022. Extra units and parts will be sold at a later date.



Typing Angle, Weight & Mounting Style

- Typing angle: 6 degrees
- Weight: Standard Kit (1.3kg), Brass Kit (2.6kg), SE Kit (approx 4kg)
- Mounting Style: Gasket mount (PORON® strips)
- Dimensions: 31.5 x 11.6 x 29.5cm
- Front height: 18mm

PCB & Layout

Firmware: Designed for MONOKEI by Kopibeng

- Comes with daughterboard and JST cable
- Spacebar is north orientation
- PCB comes flashed with the requisite firmware.

Please use VIA to modify it.

Completing Your Kit

You will need to purchase the following items separately to complete the kit:
- MX switches
- PCB mount stabilisers
- MX compatible keycaps

Additional Parts

Your Hiro Standard kit comes with:

- Solder or hotswap PCB with JST cable and daughterboard
- Polycarbonate (Frost White) plate
- Gasket strips (PORON®)
- Rubber feet
- Torx screws and Torx key
- Plate Foam (PORON®)
- Seion Sheet (PORON®)

Your Hiro SE kit comes with:

- Solder or hotswap PCB with JST cable and daughterboard
- Brass plate with Bounty Hunter PVD finish
- Gasket strips (PORON®)Rubber feet
- Torx screws and Torx key
- Plate Foam (PORON®)Seion Sheet (PORON®)