Series 2.
Serious comfort.

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Experience comfort in a familiar form.
The Series 2 keycaps are designed for maximum finger goodness paired with delightful legends.

Made for Systems, supports MX compatible switches.
Also available for purchase separately.

Compatible with MX Mechanical / Mini, Air60, Air75, K3, K5, Flow.
6.25u (B) includes an offset stem for compatibility with MX Mechanical keyboards.

Gestalt Rounded

by Timothy Achumba

During my time living in Berlin, I developed a deep appreciation for the Bauhaus movement and its revolutionary marriage of form and function. This fascination ignited the concept for Gestalt, which serves as both a tribute to Bauhaus principles and a reimagining of their application within modern digital interfaces.


by Andy of MONOKEI

Hyperdrive is a love letter to retro futuristic vibes including, War Games, TRON, Ghost In The Shell. We like cool, sci-fi looking stuff. We’ll be expanding on this universe with more Series 2 sets from it. Drop us an email if you want to work on something like that.

Cupertino Silver


Inspired by a certain fruit company, we designed the Cupertino Silver keycap set with grey-ish legends on a white background. It fits perfectly into both your work and home setup for that sleek, futuristic Snow White look.

Stockholm Night


I got sick in Stockholm during the winter. It is a really nice city, but the nights were brutal as I tried to stay awake while battling flu. All I can remember are extremely quiet nights (or afternoons, who could tell?) filled with snow and a shade of black that’s seared into my memory.