MONOKEI x Jujutsu Kaisen

(Singapore, July 6, 2023) - Today MONOKEI, a leading innovator in the mechanical keyboard industry, launched pre-orders for a new line of exclusive Jujutsu Kaisen merchandise. This captivating collection showcases two exquisitely crafted keyboards, a keycap set, and four mouse pads, all inspired by the immensely popular anime series. The highlight product, the MONOKEI Standard, promises to revolutionize the keyboard market with its exceptional features and stunning design.

The MONOKEI Standard is a pre-built mechanical keyboard that caters to both keyboard enthusiasts and non-enthusiasts alike. This masterpiece was created with the vision of simplifying the process of building a custom mechanical keyboard, ensuring an unparalleled typing experience for all users. This collection introduces two captivating editions for $169 that pay homage to the prominent characters of Jujutsu Kaisen. The MONOKEI Standard Megumi Edition features a serene mint green keyboard case and accent keys, perfectly capturing Megumi's calm and collected demeanor, whereas the MONOKEI Standard Yuji Edition boasts a vibrant orange case and persimmon-colored accent keys, reflecting Yuji's bold and expressive personality.

"The launch of our Jujutsu Kaisen merchandise collection is a momentous occasion for MONOKEI,” said Caleb Chandra, Founder and CEO of MONOKEI. “We’re thrilled to merge the captivating world of Jujutsu Kaisen with our cutting-edge keyboard technology and believe that this collection will not only resonate with fans of the series but also delight keyboard enthusiasts worldwide."

Keycaps and switches are meticulously designed, with Series 1 doubleshot PBT keycaps for durability and crisp legends. Accent keys with UV print add a stylish touch, while Cherry MX switches ensure an exceptional typing experience. The themed keycaps are also sold separately for $80 and are compatible with most mechanical keyboards that use MX style switches.

The plate and mounting system incorporate a flexible polycarbonate plate for enhanced sound characteristics, along with gasket strips for improved typing comfort and sound dampening. The MONOKEI Standard also offers acoustic tweaks, including plate and case dampening, resulting in a low-pitch and pleasant sound. Users have the freedom to customize switches for their desired sound profiles. Users will also enjoy a 30-day battery life and a seamless connectivity experience with up to four devices thanks to the keyboard’s wired/wireless design. A USB-C to C connection future-proofs compatibility.

"We’re incredibly proud of the meticulous design and craftsmanship that went into creating the MONOKEI Standard," continued Caleb. "Our team worked tirelessly to ensure every detail, from the vibrant keycaps to the exceptional typing experience, would captivate both Jujutsu Kaisen fans and mechanical keyboard enthusiasts."

In addition to the collection’s keyboard and keycaps, MONOKEI’s mouse pads feature beloved characters such as Yuji Itadori, Megumi Fushiguro, Nobara Kugisaki, and Satoru Gojo, providing a smooth and comfortable surface for optimal mouse movement.

The estimated delivery date of the MONOKEI x Jujutsu Kaisen collection is August 2023.