April 4, 2021

MONOKEI x ともだち

MONOKEI x ともだち started as chats with keyboard friends, the kind you spend hours debating about the merits of lubed vs unlubed switches while never speaking of such dalliances in case the rest of the office realises that you've purchased yet another keyboard. We've made many close friends throughout the years as enthusiasts and as a company in this industry. Many of these keyboard chats have turned into real life friendships and long hangout sessions devoid of keyboard content.

The first round features the 5 keyboard designs from various designers. Some of these designers are well-known, others upcoming and some extremely new.

The goal of MONOKEI x ともだち is to showcase keyboard designs guided by MONOKEI's ideas and the designer's take on a particular form factor. Each designer was given a short brief detailing how MONOKEI envisioned some elements of a complex work, with form factor being the only constraint. Throughout the process we've spent hours iterating through chats, screenshots and calls to present a collaborative design accented by each designer's preferred style.


5 keyboard designs in total.

Each keyboard design may also include the following as supplementary items:

- Deskmat
- Kei Cap
- Kaban
- Extra plates / PCBs

These are not compulsory purchases, you may choose to buy a keyboard kit without these extras.


Each design will run as an unlimited group buy, with the caveat that The Human Limit still applies.


MONOKEI x ともだち also includes our favourite vendors whom we've worked with on multiple projects. They are:

NA: Mekibo
CA: Apex Keyboards
UK: Prototypist
EU: MyKeyboard
AU/NZ: DailyClack

These vendors will be handling their regions with MONOKEI overseeing the entire campaign. This is the first time we're extending our buys beyond our own store, and we're working closely with all vendors to make sure things go as smoothly as humanly possible.


Each keyboard design will launch in both Standard and SE editions. We will offer Standard editions for all vendors while SE editions will only be sold via MONOKEI.

*Some designs may only have a Standard edition on offer.


These are subject to changes.


As we roll out these designs over the course of the year we'll also introduce smaller keyboard related items through collaboration with artisans, other friends and friends of friends. These items will be announced in between the group buys with multiple sale formats available. More information on these interludes will be released later on.


These designs may not perfect, nor will they be considered "end-game" for everyone. Our hope is that our small takes on both popular and esoteric layouts may be something of note and enjoyment for some of us.

Questions? Thoughts? You can find us on Instagram or join our Discord server.