Series 1 Keycaps (Revised)

We're excited to announce that our Series 1 keycaps rework is now complete!

Plastic injection moulding can sometimes feel more like practicing art than science. There were 2 important features we wanted to focus on during the rework process.

Firstly, we wanted to manufacture Series 1 with pure PBT, without additional additives such as ABS and the like that are common in keycap manufacturing. We wanted Series 1 keycaps to be long lasting and durable, and we utilised a doubleshot process instead of the more common dye sublimation method.

Secondly, we wanted to ensure that the texture remained grippy without leaving marks. We worked closely with industry experts specialising in keycap manufacturing in Japan and incorporated their methods into our manufacturing process.

Series 1 encapsulates our desire for crisp, durable and really good looking keycaps that are available widely without the long drawn out process of a group buy. This means that all Series 1 keycaps will be sold as in-stock items, both on our site and through our vendor partners. We're also working on more colourways and collaborations that will be announced very soon!

Our first colourway, White on Black, is now in production and will be sold as an in-stock product in August 2022.

We'd like to extend our appreciation to so many of you who have encouraged us through different platforms, it means a lot! We can't wait to see the Series 1 keycaps on your builds soon!