What is a group buy / preorder?

A group buy is a mass order collated within a limited amount of time. Some group buys have quantity restrictions while others may be unlimited.

Group buys generally mean:

  • Manufacturer begins production after all orders have been collected and paid for by the vendor. Buyers will wait for all items to be produced before receiving their orders.
  • Group buys are a great way for all participants to spread the cost of manufacturing. This helps us produce boutique designs at a lower quantity compared to industry norms while maintaining a high quality experience for everyone.

What's the status for my group buy / preorder item?

More information about the various group buys can be found under Updates.

I missed out on a particular group buy product. Can I still place an order?

We are unable to accept orders after the group buy period ends. Look out for extras which will be released after we fulfill all group buy orders. Sign up for our newsletter here for the latest updates.

What's the waiting time for a group buy product?

Group buy items generally take some time to complete before reaching you. This is our estimated length of time for buys conducted through MONOKEI, which may differ from other vendors.


  • GMK: 8-10 months
  • ePBT: 4-6 months  


6-9 months


  • Kei Caps: 4-6 months
  • Kaban: 2-3 months
  • Deskmats: 2 months

These vary greatly depending on item. A general rule of thumb is to note the delivery period stated on these products when purchasing. You can also get updates through the Updates tab on our website or via our newsletter.

These are rough estimates and are subject to changes without prior notification. These wait times do not apply to in-stock items.