Getting Started with
the Standard

Welcome to the exciting world of mechanical keyboards, this world is filled with endless possibilities.

Choosing a keyboard can be overwhelming. Here is some information to get you started!

What is a mechanical keyboard?

A mechanical keyboard is a highly customisable modern input device that provides you with a better typing experience. Take it everywhere with you without any wires.

Choose between building it yourself or indulging in a better typing experience out of the box. Type faster and more accurately with less effort. A mechanical keyboard can be your new constant companion, from your first day in college to celebrating a work anniversary.

What is the right fit for me?

Mechanical keyboards come in various shapes and sizes. Walk into any office, and you would see a full-size keyboard. A full-size (100%) comes with all the above AND a numpad.

The Standard is a TKL, or a “Tenkeyless”. You get the function keys, navigation and arrow keys. We think it’s the perfect size, whether for typing out your thesis or playing your favourite video game.

MONOKEI Standard (Tenkeyless, TKL)

MX Reds require little effort to press and works perfectly when I'm gaming.

Cherry MX Red (Linear)

The muted sounds of the MX Silent Reds allow me to use my mechanical keyboard in the office without disturbing my colleagues.

Cherry MX Silent Red (Silent Linear)

I like to feel each key I’m pressing and the MX Browns provide that slight bump when I type.

Cherry MX Brown (Tactile)

A fruit in my keyboard?

Switches are one the most important parts of a mechanical keyboard. This is what determines how loud (or soft) your keyboard is and how it feels when you type. There are so many variations available in the market.

The Standard comes with three options, MX Browns, MX Reds, and MX Silent Reds. These options are all made by CHERRY, a German manufacturer.

These switches are a familiar sight for any keyboard enthusiast.

Switch it up.

The Standard allows you to change the switches installed easily with its pre-soldered hotswap sockets. This means you can easily change your Silent Reds to Browns anytime, or your Browns to Reds. You can either swap out a single switch or your entire keyboard.

Don’t worry, you don’t need a whole workshop and a degree in engineering to change your switches. All you need is a switch puller!

Note: the Standard only comes with one set of switches installed.

Make it your own.

Keycaps are the covers for each individual switch. There’s no limit to how many changes you want to make to customise your keyboard. All you need is a keycap puller!

To get you started, the Standard comes with different coloured keycaps for the accent keys that you can easily change with the keycap puller.

With the Standard, you get to experience the wonders of a mechanical keyboard right out of the box!

The Standard is the keyboard for everyone.