November 27, 2021


It's been an amazing 2021 at MONOKEI, with collaborations and designs made with our favourite keyboard friends. And at rare junctures, friends become collaborators become co-workers. The Hiro marks the formation of the MONOKEI design team based entirely in Singapore and Malaysia.

The Hiro is a gasket mount 65% keyboard kit utilising PORON® gasket strips. We've kept our favourite design elements of the Kei intact while tweaking the Hiro for easier assembly without sacrificing its distinct sound signature.

Sound test here, with build streams by Taeha Types and Lightning Keyboards soon.

Group buy link here.

1. Sale Format:

This sale is an unlimited group buy with the caveat of The Human Limit as always. We have paid for production slots with the manufacturers for this design.

The Hiro will only be sold via MONOKEI.

2. Combinations:

Hiro Standard Kit

The available colours (aluminium top) for the group buy are:

Each Hiro Standard Kit comes with:

Hiro SE Kit

The SE version of the Hiro comes in a new Bounty Hunter PVD finish. This is our first all brass keyboard kit release and we can't wait to share more photos of this incredibly gorgeous kit soon.

Hiro SE
This is the way.


Kit Colour: Brass Top & Bottom, Bounty Hunter PVD finish
Brass Plate, Bounty Hunter PVD finish


Both Standard and SE editions include:

3. Prices:

(Solder | Hotswap)

Hiro Standard Kit with Silver bottom: S$580 | S$595

Hiro Standard Kit with Brass bottom: S$710 | S$725

Hiro SE Kit: S$1180 | S$1195

4. Supported Layouts:

Each Hiro kit comes with a MNK65 solder or hotswap PCB designed by Kopibeng for MONOKEI.

Each PCB comes with a JST cable and daughterboard.

Solder PCB:

Hiro Solder PCB Layout

Hotswap PCB:

Hiro Hotswap PCB Layout

5. Addons:

We're offering the following items as addons:

6. Shipping & Taxes:

For Singapore residents, GST will be absorbed by MONOKEI.

For non-Singaporean residents, items will be shipped via DHL Express.

We've also implemented revised international shipping rates for Hiro purchases.

7. Quality Expectations:

While we strive to provide a perfect experience, no kit can be 100% flawless at our scale of production, as such the caveats are as follows: