Keycaps by MONOKEI

Update: We're reworking the Series 1 keycaps. More information here.

We’re happy to announce the launch of MONOKEI’s Series 1 keycaps, designed in Singapore and Malaysia, made in Taiwan.

The Series 1 is a culmination of prototypes, failures and coordination between folks living in 3 different time zones. When we first started work on this project in 2020, we set out to create keycaps that embodied our ideas of durability, design and usability. This is a journey fraught with many, many failures and great moments of breakthrough success.

We’ve taken great care to create what we feel is a good keycap profile made for everyone.

The Series 1 is a PBT doubleshot keyset made in the classic Cherry profile with some minor tweaks. PBT is a shine and wear resistant material and we’ve expended a large amount of effort and money in creating new moulds exclusive to MONOKEI.

We’ve included great compatibility for a host of layouts as an all-in-one kit, from basic ISO and 40s support to numpad and extra Bs. By utilising an all-in-one kit, we maintain great compatibility for future colourways in one neat package.

We’ve also tailored the looks of the Series 1 keycaps to our liking. We believe that the fonts and icons you see on a keyset is critical to your typing experience, even if you touch type. We’ve created our own legends and icons from scratch, letter by letter.

At MONOKEI, we believe that keycaps shouldn’t take years to arrive at your doorstep. The Series 1 will be sold as a pre-order, with the White On Black colourway already in production to be delivered in June 2022. Subsequent releases will observe the same delivery window of 3 months, and we are working hard to soon offer more colourways as in stock items.

The Series 1 marks the next step in MONOKEI’s journey in providing good things for everyone. We don’t know if they’re the best keycaps available, we just think they might be better.

We hope that you enjoy using Series 1 keycaps as much as we had fun designing them.

Learn more about our Series 1 keycaps here.

Pre-order now.