• Group Buys / Pre-orders

  • A group buy is a mass order collated within a limited amount of time. Some group buys have quantity restrictions while others may be unlimited.

    Group buys generally mean:

    - Manufacturer begins production after all orders have been collected and paid for by the vendor. Buyers will wait for all items to be produced before receiving their orders.

    - Group buys are a great way for all participants to spread the cost of manufacturing. This helps us produce boutique designs at a lower quantity compared to industry norms while maintaining a high quality experience for everyone.

  • Group buy items generally take some time to complete before reaching you. This is our estimated length of time for buys conducted through monokei. 

    This may differ from other vendors. 



    1. KeiCaps: 4-6 months

    2. GMK: 8-10 months

    3. SA (Signature Plastics): 6-8 months

    4. JTK: 8-10 months

    5. ePBT: 4-6 months 


    1. monokei keyboards: 6-7 months

    2. Collaborations: 6-7 months

    3. Proxies: 6-7 months 

    4. Accessories: 3-4 months


    These vary greatly depending on item. A general rule of thumb is to note the delivery period stated on these products when purchasing. You can also access updates through the updates tab on our website or via our newsletter.

    These are rough estimates and are subject to changes without prior notification.

  • Raffles are a RNG draw for a chance to purchase an item. Raffles are generally used when the item is limited in quantity in order to ensure a certain level of fairness for all participants. Draws are done via RNG methods that we do not disclose.

    We utilise Koi's Raffle Server for all upcoming raffles we conduct. More information will be added product pages later.

  • Shipping

  • 1. Non Singaporean orders:

    DHL Express:

    DHL Express is handled completely by DHL's logistics network including last mile delivery.

    Shipping price: ⭐⭐
    Shipping time: ⭐⭐⭐⭐
    Tracking information: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

    While shipping prices tend to be higher Express parcels are routed much more efficiently and frequently arrive within a shorter time frame. For example, an order shipped from Singapore to the Continental United States takes about 3-5 days including weekends.

    We recommend selecting this option when possible. 



    DHL eCommerce:

    Shipping price: ⭐⭐⭐⭐
    Shipping time: ⭐⭐
    Tracking information: ⭐

    DHL eCommerce is a cheaper shipping option with last-mile delivery completed by your local postal service. As such, some buyers may experience delays after the parcel has reached its destination country.


    Only offered for selected South East Asian countries, generally arrives earlier than DHL eCommerce.

    2. Singaporean orders:

    All orders are shipped via QExpress.

  • Our shipping prices and availability depend on our couriers. As such, we are obligated to suspend shipping to certain areas when there is a disruption of service in that particular area or country.

    In addition, we do not offer certain tiers of shipping services to some countries given the high amount of chargebacks or lost packages.

    You may choose to collate your purchase with friends from the same country to save on shipping.

  • Delivery times depend on your choice of courier.


    1-2 days after item has been picked up.

    Rest of the world:

    DHL Express: 3-5 days barring any additional customs delay.

    DHL eCommerce: 10-24 days depending on your local postal service.

    These delivery times are subject to change. Check in with your courier with your tracking number.

  • For Singaporean Buyers:

    We generally declare all items as parts and ship them with a value of SGD 50. Do reach out if you require a specific arrangement. No additional taxes / charges incurred.

    Rest of the World:

    We allow for specific declaration of item value. Do note that by doing so you agree to monokei waiving its responsibilities for any and all charges or requests incurred through your local customs office.

    This also means that the compensation for your item is dependent on the value declared.

    We cannot provide modified invoices. All our packing slips do not contain prices of the items.

  • Orders

  • All confirmed and paid for orders are automatically sent out via email. If you've not received anything, check your spam folder.

  • Adding an item:

    Please contact us via email with your order number ready.

    Making further changes:

    Please note that item changes are only possible within the group buy period.

    Change of address:

    For change or updates regarding your address and other communication, email us with your order number.

    Other related queries:

    If you'd like to combine group buy orders and do not mind the wait, let us know and we will work out a shipping solution that works for both parties.

    We cannot guarantee such services at all times.

  • While unpleasant, we do sometimes miss out when shipping stuff out. Do contact us via email so that we can resolve it as soon as possible according to your unique situation.

  • Additional Questions

  • You may consider using the following services:

    1. Discord:

    We provide updates via our server.

    2. Instagram:

    We provide updates via our social media platforms too.

    3. Newsletter:

    We hate promotional emails, but hey, if you sign up we promise very few emails sent to your inbox. So far we're looking at just 3 emails sent in 10 months (though that may change in the future).

    4. Updates tab:

    We provide updates on all current projects for you at a glance.

    5. Email:

    Still unsure? Feel free to email our support team to clarify your questions.

  • For Singaporean buyers only

    We've absorbed all GST charges on all our products.

  • Yes! We can converse with you in the following languages:

    1. English

    2. Bahasa Malaysia

    3. 中文 (简体,繁体)

    4. 日本語 OK!

  • At monokei we strive to create the best experience we can offer, as such we might activate the Human Limit as a clause for rare occasions.

    Our goal remains the same - we try our best to provide unlimited buys when possible.

    The Human Limit

    While we aim to provide as many items we can to as many people possible, we are but frail human beings too.

    As such, if a group buy hits an undisclosed threshold in terms of numbers we will consider closing the buy ahead of time. We do this in order to ensure that all buyers get the best possible experience we can provide.

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